The Advanced Diploma

Professional Screenwriting RMIT

Our History…

For over twenty years, RMIT has been the place where people who are serious about screenwriting, come to study.

Over this time we have developed a strong national reputation for industry-relevant, craft-based training designed to serve the creative needs of the film and television industry.

Your Future…

The Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting trains writers for today’s industry while building the skills they need to work in a rapidly changing, exciting and challenging professional environment.

Writers who train with us learn to work across traditional and emerging media, building the skills needed to write for film, television and online platforms.   At the same time they can also specialise in areas of interest such as comedy, television drama, adaptation, feature film, documentary and writing for animation and games. During the two years of the program, students develop a range of projects to take to the market place, supported by teachers whose current professional practice connects them with the industry. When our students graduate, they are well equipped creatively and professionally to pursue a sustainable screenwriting career.



Penny Johnson: Program Manager
John Reeves: Program Coordinator
John Reeves: Drama series and serials, TV Editing
Chris Anastassiades: Feature Film
Glenda Hambly: Adaptation
Vin Hedger (Rastas): Comedy Writing
Tania Lacy: Comedy Writing
Brian McKenzie: Documentary Writing
Nicole McKinnon: Cross Platform Development
Ben Michael: TV Writing
Alan Woodruff: Industry
George Viscas: Screen Language

Program Advisory Committee
Industry Members 2014
Jenni Tosi: Chief Executive Officer, Film Victoria
Mark Poole: Writer and Director
Shaun Topp: Writer, Script and Story Editor
Susan Bower: Fremantle Media
Brett Sleigh: ABC TV – Executive Producer
Chris Roache: Writer, Script and Story Editor
Deb Parsons: Freelance Screenwriter
Vanessa Burt: Writer/Producer – Online Content Specialist