I grew up in Rankins Springs, NSW, a town of 100 people. My free time consisted of football, riding motorbikes, and watching movies. As a result, I have a passion for stories about small communities, about isolation, about strength in failing times, and about having hope when there is no hope to have.


Biographical Adventure
Mawson is the story of a forgotten Australian icon and early 1900s Antarctic explorer, Douglas Mawson. Mawson is stranded 500kms away from base camp with no food or supplies. He must fight freezing temperatures, 300km per hour winds, and a frostbitten extremities to return to camp. Mawson is a biographical adventure film similar to the film Everest.

Sci-fi/Teen Drama Televison Series
House of Salem is a psychological thriller set in a nuclear wasteland. Jack finds himself held captive in a secluded house after witnessing a nuclear explosion. He must discover whether the bomb was real, or merely lies fed to him by a doomsday prepper, Mr Salem.

About Me

I am a Screenwriter, a Director, and a Producer having produced countless pieces of screen content in a personal and professional capacity. My films have screened in Los Angeles, Texas, and Federation Square in Melbourne. After studying at La Trobe University, I moved to RMIT to hone my screenwriting skills, gain networking opportunities, and ultimately create more content. I have recently finished production on my latest short film, Biddy, slated for entry into Tropfest.


Feature film
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Science Fiction